Synthetic Turf’s Buying Guide: 6 Tips You Should Know


Planning a synthetic grass installation project but does not know where and how to start? Below are the things you have to know to find the best synthetic grass around and make your project a success.

Installing a synthetic grass can be a big investment. It eliminates the need for exhausting and somehow costly, frequent maintenance and can even help save cost. Nevertheless, not everything is made with quality in mind. You have to learn how to choose the best. If quality and cost-effectiveness is what you are looking for, just visit for more information.

If you are now ready, here is an overview of the procedure to find the perfect synthetic turf and assure the success of the synthetic turf installation project. The success generally depends several factors such as thorough and proper planning, proper analysis of the site, professional engineering and design, quality synthetic turf product, proper drainage, quality surface, among others.

Buyer’s Guide

  1. Identify and asses your needs. Decide on the project’s scope. Determine what activity or sport will take place and the level of the competition.
  2. Set a budget. This can be the hardest step in the process of construction. The rule of the thumb is, determine the priorities so only informed choices will be made. To avoid financial related stress, it is always better to work only within the budget set. In addition, it is important to determine the factors which are most significant to the facility to be constructed. This can help in bringing the project at a sensible cost. In general, consider both the long-term and initial cost.
  3. Employ an experienced and trustworthy design professional. Seeking the help of the expert can be helpful in controlling job cost and avoiding costly mistakes.
  4. Find a site. Make sure that before spending on synthetic turf, you already have a good and acceptable site. Whether it is just a replacement project or new construction, several factors need to be considered such as the size of the site, proper drainage, the soil type and more.
  5. Know what to look for and what to consider in choosing a synthetic turf. These days, the synthetic turf option can be quite confusing and overwhelming. To ensure that you won’t be wasting money on not-so-good products, you have to be familiar with the characteristic of a good turf.
  6. Hired a professional and qualified contractor. The contractor you hire can make or break the project, hence it is essential to hire wisely. Choose a contractor who has been in the field for years, is knowledgeable and already handled numerous different projects. The right contractor can help you make the best and right decision, which can lead to achieving a quality project.

Becoming a knowledgeable customer is always the first step to making the right decision. Asking question is essential. Investing energy and effort now can yield a valuable return tomorrow. You can have a synthetic grass for tennis courts at Australian Synthetic Lawns that can last longer.