7 ways which help you optimize space usage in your new house


Your 2 BHK flat in Pune may be small and cozy or big spacious apartment, all you wanted is to best utilize every corner of your house. With the below 7 design ideas, you can make your home look much bigger and spacious.

  1. Select furniture that serves multiple purposes.

You should be cautious in choosing the furniture for your home, because you can save more space by utilizing single furniture for multiple purposes. You can choose a sofa with hidden storage space to hold additional cushions, pillows or other underutilized things.

  1. Design ideas for your kitchen

The Kitchen is the high demanding area of your home because it is completely occupied for most of the time for preparing snacks, cooking meals or other preparations for guests. So utilizing every nook of the kitchen is the wise decision one can make. Consider fitting vertical shelves or storage area to hold food containers and other utilities. You can also make use of the multiple drawers for organizing and storing other food containers.

  1. Design ideas for your living room

A Living room is a next busiest area in your home after kitchen, because it welcomes guests, watching TV, playing games with friends and etc. So you can consider purchasing some multifunctional furniture that serves multiple purposes like holding video game accessories, tables with storage space, and coffee tables with drawers

  1. Design ideas for your bedroom

You can consider using a bed with a hidden storage area which can hold additional pillows for guests or use it as a closet organizer. You can use it to store seasonal clothes, shoes, and accessories. Another best option is to buy coffee tables that can also act as cubes. Your closet can also be used as a multifunctional organizer. You can find sofa sets which can be doubled when there are guests. There are several furniture available at market which serves as a dining table and desks.

  1. Design ideas for your kids room

Kids rooms are not only their creative space but also a place where they can visualize reflection of their dreams. Create separate space each activity like playing, studying, indoor activity and artwork. Instead of having tables and cupboards for everything you can choose hanging artworks, bulletin boards, and other organizers to keep their things. By this way, you can keep their rooms clean and free of mess.

  1. Creative idea for taller ceiling

You can also create an illusion of big home by just making some small change in the interiors. Consider displaying all the artworks, framed pictures and wallpapers few meters above your eye level. It gives illusion of taller ceilings

  1. Interior design ideas to make your home look spacious

Here are few tips to make your home look bigger and spacious:

  • To make your room look bigger you should consider buying single furniture that looks large because it can actually elevate the grandeur look of the room
  • Thing like bookcases and cabinets which are not frequently used can be fitted few meters above the floor so that you can use that space to keep other things like desks and tables.