Looking After Your City Apartment


If you have an apartment in the city, whether you own it or you’re renting it, it’s important that you look after it. This could mean the general maintenance of your property, or it could mean paying for additional services and repairs on the apartment. These costs are all part of having an apartment, and while a city centre apartment in London will often be more expensive than others parts of the country, you’re in the heart of all the finance, business and government activity, so it’s well worth the extra cash.

Pay the service charges

With apartments and properties which are situated in blocks or buildings, there will usually be a service charge to pay. It is very rare to find properties where there is no service charge, and when you’re searching for a London property to buy, you may find that it is impossible to find one without a service charge. You won’t have to pay a service charge or ground rent if you don’t own the property, so if you’re renting, this is one less bill that you will need to pay each month.

Get your property inspected regularly

If you are living in an apartment block, it’s very likely that the maintenance team will notice if there are any urgent issues with your property. Since you are living in an apartment which is affecting your neighbours, there may be certain issues that you are legally required to get fixed. For example, if you have a leak in your property that is then causing issues for the person living below your apartment, you will be asked to fix this issue before it gets worse. You may have to pay for any damage which has been done to the other properties, but if you catch the problem early enough, you will save yourself the hassle.

Take advice from the maintenance team

You may have to pay for things such as pointing in your apartment, especially if it is a few years old and requires some maintenance. In the contract when you bought the property, you will have been told about such issues and you will have agreed to contribute towards anything which might need to be done to the entire building. Be sure to read the contract carefully when you are buying an apartment, and if you’re not sure about anything afterwards, you can always consult the contract to check that what is being said is indeed correct.

Clean it regularly

It might seem like a small thing, but cleaning your apartment on a regular basis can stop a lot of potential problems, such as damp and mold. Apart from keeping it nice and clean, it will also allow you to discover problems early on.