TruGuard Anti-Climb Rotating Security System


Are you concerned about the security of your home? Do you want something reliable and durable to make sure no one enter your premises? Anti-Climb rotating systems are the best things that can protect your place from thieves and intruders.

TRUGUARD will help you protect your home and prevent the robbers and vandals from getting unauthorized access to your place. The anti-climb spike fencing is a durable and safe installation system that will protect our house in the best way. The anti-climb spike fencing is of rotating type and is maintenance free and weatherproof too.

What is TRUGUARD Anti-Climb Spike Fencing?

A TRUGUARD Anti-Climb Spike Fencing system is too large and is of rotating manner so that the thieves can’t get a grip on it. They rotate independently and freely and so that it gets impossible for anyone to climb on it. The TRUGUARD is very easy to install and it can be setup at any place including the sensitive areas. Whether you’re looking forward to protect your house or want something to protect the premises of a school, prison, medical center, or children’s play area, you will find the TRUGUARD anti-climb spike fencing as the best thing.

Compatible with all types of security fencing:

The anti-climb rotating system works well with different types of fencing, walls, palisade, and gates. The system is very durable and offers a fast installation system. This anti-climb rotating system is ideal for protecting a property. You can order the anti-climb spike fencing in corrosion resistant alloy with stainless steel, the standard bright mill, and a powder coated color range. The company can even offer you a same day dispatch so that you can have it installed as fast as you want to.

Easy installation:

The anti-climb spike fence is very easy to install and the TRUGUARD offers a very smooth process to have it fixed. The Flush-kit connector is used to install and make sure that all the joints and parts are connected and secured properly. The installation and setup process saves a lot of time and it is more durable and secure than other security systems. Using simple spikes for fences, walls, and gates can be unsecure as these days thieves and intruders are aware of everything and they can break all types of security barriers. The anti-climb spike fencing by TRUGUARD is impossible to climb over and it is the best barrier that could be used to protect the premises,.