Self-Catering Accommodations 101: Your Complete Guide


Seasoned travelers understand that going on a holiday is not about staying in a hotel, having your meals delivered to the room, going to the dining area at a specific time and place, and visiting tourist sites. Travelers who want to enjoy their time to the fullest know that self-catering accommodations are the way to go.

In the UK, mainland Europe, and beyond, self-catering accommodations are growing in popularity, and for good reason – they offer more affordable stays, a much wider range of options, a greater degree of flexibility, and much better opportunities. Why is this so? What are the benefits? Here’s everything about self-catering accommodations 101: your complete guide.

What’s a self-catering accommodation?

A self-catering accommodation is a self-contained property which offers a comfortable and clean holiday option, including separation of various living areas and a complete kitchen. They come in various styles and ranges, and are rented out to the traveler for a flexible duration.

Various kinds

  • The cottage – it’s usually a smaller unit that offers picturesque and historic charm.
  • The chalet or lodge – often set in the countryside or forest, with a rustic and rural setting.
  • The house – it’s a larger and more formal unit, with various larger living areas.
  • The apartment – usually part of the urban environment, it is a unit in a larger building.

Note, however, that the different kinds of self-catering accommodations, such as self-catering apartments Edinburgh from Edinburgh Pearl Apartments, all have quality assurance – they contain all the comfort you would expect from a normal home (and much more), and renting a unit can be done on a basis of short stay (2-3 days), weekly, or longer.

The many advantages

  • Lower costs – because there are many options, you can find a unit based on your own budget, and because there are no service options you associate with hotels, you tend to save a lot of money and can stretch your holiday even further.
  • High quality – the quality of the property is guaranteed.
  • Freedom – you do as you please, just as you would in your own home. Since there are no other guests, there is no need to adhere to any formality.
  • Originality – it’s the best way to experience the original way people in the area live and to experience how the locals do it.
  • More options – a large variety of styles and locations available.

It’s also about privacy, peace and quiet – it’s about knowing that you won’t be disturbing other people, or will be disturbed yourself by other guests (which, as we all know, can happen in hotels). It’s also about having a nice homey place to enjoy for a while, rather than simply having a place to sleep. In the end, it’s all about living life to the fullest, about making the most of your well-deserved holiday.